“Wind in the Willows ,Long Day in the Saddles”

You have begin to discover your magnificence,

With your Beautiful Smile 

Nd it’s hard to get your smile..

When you smile 

With all your Grace..

We see the rays..

With the eyes..

Above the bays..

Throughout the days..

For the years

To be dear..


Away from fear..!!!!

Sitting behind one man as the pillion rider,

But the one to direct

And to suggest the best..

To be the one,

for the miles ahead together..

The view for her ,

Was made for her,

Not because she was behind,

But of ahead of time

For the nature to travel through her.

The Wanderider.!!!

The Girl,

 Who wished for a Wild Jungle Journey,

For the heavenly roads she passed…

Who jumped behind the tree woods,

For the house to be enlightened…

The voices that tipped on ear,

From the dogs nowhere near…

The Wind that blew so low,

to refrain from her thoughts so slow..

For the freedom of her soul,

To feel all alone..

For the beautiful little lightning bugs..

That she took along within her for the twilight…

Let the curtains close as your eyes hide..

Just for the starry night tide


For the moon to get inside,

For the earth to be outside,

For you to be along the Safeside…

The day ended in a good quote.

Through the night , 

passing clouds, blurring lights, 

moving wheels, 


flashing us…!!

Being in the rythm, 

together as a gum, 

to beat the drum,

Eating Chocolates to feel the yum..!!

For no one to bother, 


lots to gather…

For the words not spoken,

Roaming around the den,

As a lifeline to be a glen..!!



The Angel

She  held her breath as he embraced her intensely..

His cheeks were hot with all the crying…

And she didn’t wish to miss a Single teardrop snuggled on the curves of her lips..
She kindly welcomed his catastrophic behaviour..

She cared more than he expected..

She gave more than he imagined..

But now she had set him free from the cage of love..

But he just had sunkissed her to  say that he will be stubborn,

Maybe a Bipolar Juliet doesnt deserves a Stubborn Romeo, 

But the angels inspired for the stubborn Love…😉

He is thankful to best of the times and worst of the times,

Both side to the same Coin..😘

He will know it’s true when it is onerous

Yet magical,


Yet Tragic..

Only then is true love😊

The Graceful humanity will raise your beautiful Soul, and facilitates her words to shine as a beautiful armour..

In a world of disgusting people he had found an Angel…

Let her be with the Ethreal Ease to Flow High..😍

The Angel


​A Pleasant sensation it brings on a warm summer day, 

Or the Winter Sleep it takes you for the whole day 

That Cold breeze across my Skin 

Those which Shiver Down My Spine,

When the windows are wide open

For the Dreams to gather.

I can’t see the blurred rays,

in this beautiful weather,

but the corridors had taken me down 

To change my outlook,

Just to keep calm and shine on

This Rainy day.

Either You Walk in the Crisp, Cool Air 

or You Put Extra Blankets On the Bed 

Like its the 1000 shades of Winter 

And U need The Sun.

May I call it the Sweater Weather, 

Which Play upon my Cheeks and 

Freeze my Nerves 

For the Gentle delight.

The Wonderful Chai is like a Hug, 

in the breeze, that comes in a Mug. 

Its good to get the ParTea started, 

so that it will go Tea-riffic.

All the things that let you into eternal love, 

that strike you from the view that blow fast, 

so they cant see you 

And in the water where my scent of emotion lies 

Where the Winter Zephyr had hit, 

Born Are You..!!

#The Wild Girl

It may be when we no longer know, what to do, we have come to our real work and that when we no longer know which way we have to go, we have begun our real journey….

May be I have something to say about,May be that she rides the horse, but I do see the best,”the beautiful horse loved by a beautiful maiden.”….

She wanders around the green forest by herself nowadays, may be it’s her own way of trying to forget.But all horses deserve atleast once in their lives to be loved by a little girl….

And with every little girl, there is a powerful force, wild and natural creature whom I would name “The Wild Girl”

You may be on the path that is unfamiliar, but you must not be afraid.We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes that it has gone through to achieve the beauty.Butterflies can’t see their wings,can’t see how beautiful they are, but everyone else can. And Now, “Your time as a caterpillar has expired , your wings are ready

Open up your eyes and see how far u have come,Take pride and have faith in how far you go.May be the path is narrowing, but it demands more of you than you thought u could endure. 

Let a horse whisper in your ears and breath on your heart..So your heart gets filled which would be better than a filled wallet and clean house……!!! 

#TheWildGirl#Womenempowerment# MotherEarth…!!!!

The Moon Climber

May be am a nyctophile….

May be its a thought,that the night is so alive,

Or is richly colored…..                            

And  I go through the phases                                                                                                                                                          Just like the moon…

 May be am a Selenophile..                                                                                                                                                Or is the moon,                                                                                                                                                                that rules my wild soul…

 And we see                                                                                                                                                                          the same moon..                                                                                                                                                                   You & I…                       

And she is                                                                                                                                                                     like the moon,                                                                                                               A part of her                                                                                                                                                               is always hidden…

But she looks                                                                                                                                                                at the moon,                                                                                                                            as if she look                                                                                                                                                              at my dreams…

And I blow kisses                                                                                                                                                                 to the moon,                                                                                                                                                                      For the peace she brings..

Although the night clouds                                                                                                                                                     & the rugged winds                                                                                                                                                                 have the only companion 

_The Moon_”..!!!

Back in the Days

I do remember the day i was born,the 24th of November 1991. I never knew the day but my parents confirmed it. All that i remember the day when a cricket player scored a blazing 90 against Australia. I never saw such a cheering crowd supporters and i had seen a legend for the first time in my life, The God of Cricket- “Sachin Tendulkar”. We were all very very lucky and fortunate to see him score 100’s of 100’s. Each time he was at 99*, our heartbeats paused and eyes stumbled him to score. And he scores, and the Biggest happiness was all along.There was a time, when cricket was not only played on the ground but on papers and books. Our names were tagged along-side the superstars of Indian Cricket team. Every time we played, we had Sachin and Sourav Ganguly as openers-

INDIA (Batting)

Sachin    -6,4,0,2,6,2,1,1,3,2,6,4

Ganguly -6,4.6,4,1,2,1

Dravid    -1,2,1,2,1,2,1,1,1,1,2,3,1,4

Lol. We had a great time along with the plastic wrapped “sip-up” were our favorite.


Most of the 90’s kid had the three wheeled luxurious yet smart vehicle that could run both forward and reverse on pedaling. Switching gears and parking was not difficult in the kid world, everything around was simpler and easier and nothing went classified. Each time we drove in between elders, they gave way and the accidents were alerted with a cry each time we slipped off from the steps with cycle.


                          Each morning started with “Suprabatham”(Good Morning) Song in my radio which was thought to be the daily alarm. At times, the instrument perfectly timed our favorite songs and we do had the habit of listening to the radio all day long to record the favorite song with a Walkman that people rarely had. Buying new cassettes and recording, labeling the cassettes with stickers were all part of disciplined childhood. Walkman’s were the precious electronic that was hard to give even to our best friends.


And all we had was school where we could meet the precious of the things.Whenever there was rain, we made “paper boats”. All we said was “Sorry shakthiman” just after we made the surroundings with full of papers. And after having whole of the rain, we are sick on the next day morning say ” Mummy fever” and all we did on the sick day was helping “MARIO” reach home.


                               We all had that best friend with whom we have played the game, the simplest of the ones that spread love ” Rock-Paper-Scissor”. Whenever your friend has shown the same as you “Both smiled”. Though it was a revenge game for all, they were the loving characters who protected each other and what it taught was “To Help the needed”.

                      Mummy! there came the voice  one day” Mummy! i need “Shakalaka Boom Boom” pencil. Till that day “Nataraj” was everyone’s best friend.  Unintentionally chewing the backside of pencil was the best habit but we never let the rubber go off.Everyone was a self proclaimed painter during painting classes with sketch-pens and watercolor.Getting a brand new geometry box was the only good thing about the end of vacations.


As our god of cricket said in the Ads ” Boost is the secret of our energy”, it was for everyone unless, of course “I’m a Complan boy or I’m a complan Girl” and came  Bournvita, Horlicks etc. We had enough to drink to get healthier.


Most of all, the word “Tension” was rarely heard. We often had debate on which gum is better- Big Babol or Boomer? Whatever the answer was, we always needed tattoos as free with it.Chewing these while playing cricket gave us a feeling of being a professional cricketer.We also fantasized about having GEMS throughout the day.

We had Television in our home and that was the first television for the place that i lived. People used to come with the whole family to our home for Sunday Movie. They used sit at the floor and watch and we used to make tea for them. Even though it was a little away from our freedom, we loved it. And moreover they loved the  Home Cinema theater. The lesser the options were, the more happier we were with Doordarshan. 


The Characters we had along- Shaktimaan, Captain Vyom, Denver-The Last Dinosaur, Jai Hanumaan everything satisfied us with their sidekicks. And along we had the best time with the comic books like CHAMPAK,TINKLE, BALARAMA, CHITHRAKATHA and all along the witty Suppandi and Shikari Shambu made our days.

BeFunky Collage

The song that i heard the most time in my childhood
and which brought love towards my country -“Mile Sur Mera Tumhara

and the song that lifted my indian spirits-” Vande Mataram”

We used to have a huge celebration in School…
The Tiranga donned over school blazers, National anthem after the flag
hoisting, the speeches, the function and best of all, the
feeling of being proud Indians to receive laddoo and sweets to eat and share with friends was the best part.


And one day someone,
say a rich guy in the class came with a gadget.
We always had an eye, but never got one.


Yes, i do remember his name- Sanjay.!

When i entered into the world of computers for the first time, there was someone to help me.  He wasn’t a human but he had the love, But we didn’t care, he popped up every time and made noises. We moved him to the corners and shut his mouth and now he is nowhere to be seen.


Everyone played in the night with the lights, because we loved magic and wondered why?


We still do this.!

Remember the tone when it was hard to connect the internet?
Here it is.

Kids these days never know the struggle. WiFi Everywhere.

I haven’t realized the time from which everything changed from coin booth to Smartphone. Anyway we have came through the generations and all we have is the dream of water games that we used to play, the building of blocks,we were the pilots running the festive wheels and toys and now we have all that just in our pockets.

BeFunky Collag23e


I have went through an amazing message about what it feels to rejuvenate your childhood and
your golden memories , no matter what age group you belong from- The Re-Union.

As the words from Ben Kingsley speaks-“I do remember, as a child that i always imagined, When i was maybe 6 or 7, my fantasy was that everywhere i went i was being followed by an invisible film crew.

The times we spent with our siblings playing hide’n’seek, playing carroms and Ludo,swimming,Coin and stamp collection were the wonderful part of your film. Fantasy filled us in our hearts and we had the best times with our friends together with worlds best network to find each one riding bicycle finding ones near the playgrounds or rivers and to find the ones who were homestuck. There is no land like the land of your childhood.

BeFunkn m y Collage

Where did all the years go?

I’m thankful my childhood was filled with imagination and bruises from playing outside and there’s something about childhood friends that you just can’t replace. So here is your brother sharing childhood memories and grown up dreams. We the kids of 90’s are so fortunate that we have enjoyed our childhood before the technology completely took over it and if you remember any of these, your memories from your childhood have such a purchase on your emotions that “It was Awesome Back in the Days

The Darkest of the Nights, Just before the Sunrise..!!


Said No One Ever,

                               No One Should Ever Say,

And  Now You Say…..

                              See Ya. Bye !

“See You” Made sense,

                             When you Said – “Bye- Bye “…

The letter made it to a Tie,

                            When you Said- “Goodbye” !

Its easier to get away,

                           But in a painful way…

Though You are weak,

                           Its a farewell greet…

Its easy to spell,

                           But hard to smell…!

All you can do,

                     Is the worst choice to do…

                                                        To let go….!

You have a lot to Secede,

                     and I shall have less to say “The Great Goodbye”.. 


Nature Hunter For 7 days